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Electronic Execution — The right choice will get you there

When it comes to choosing electronic execution solutions, you need a global provider that can manage all of your trading needs. You want premium execution tools, unique liquidity and innovative technology that meet the challenges of today's complex global markets.

Access to Maximum Liquidity
Smart Order Routing & Direct Market Access (DMA)
Citi's smart order routing and advanced DMA tools provide accelerated, high-capacity and cost-effective access to all major execution venues and liquidity pools.
  • Lava ColorBook's® patented intelligent order-routing technology searches all liquidity sources simultaneously and routes trades based on predetermined execution criteria
  • Direct, high-speed connections to all market data sources and order-entry systems
  • A diverse suite of equities, options & futures order types
  • Global integration with leading Order Management System (OMS) and Execution Management System (EMS) vendors
Access, Stability and Intelligence
Advanced Global Algorithmic Trading
Citi's suite of global algorithms can be accessed via LavaX and all major OMS and EMS providers.
  • Aggressively captures the maximum amount of available liquidity while controlling market impact

  • Actively searches for liquidity across crossing engines and other nondisplayed trading venues, while also executing opportunistically on traditional exchanges

IS ShadowSM
  • Executes according to an optimized trading schedule, while simultaneously placing a percentage of the original order on ATSs and Crossing Networks.
  • VWAP, Participate, TWAP, Close and Implementation Shortfall strategies are also available
Deep, Diverse and Secure Liquidity
Citi MatchSM
The acquisition of Automated Trading Desk (ATD) combined with Citi's industry leading market share has created a deep, innovative new liquidity pool: Citi Match.
  • Anonymous access to a broad universe of non-displayed retail, institutional, principal, and broker-dealer liquidity
  • Price improvement: A robust crossing network offering the ability to trade at, or better than, the then-current NBBO
  • Unique liquidity: Citi Match orders interact with over 125 retail broker-dealers
  • Citi Match is a secure trading venue. Sophisticated anti-gaming technology protects all participants
The Global Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) Solution
Best Execution Consulting Services (BECSSM)
BECSSM is a complete suite of transaction cost-management tools developed to help improve trading performance. BECS combines visionary cost modeling, innovative data visualization and award-winning technology.
  • Intuitive pretrade analytics and industry-leading impact cost model
  • Easy-to-use web-based application
  • 100% confidentiality, state-of-the-art security and independently audited
  • All data housed with a third-party provider
Superior Service, Global Support
The Citi Solution
  • A robust and well-integrated Commission Sharing Arrangement and Soft Dollar platform
  • Highly skilled global client service professionals available 24 hours a day/seven days a week
  • A commitment to delivering high-quality, industry-leading execution and analysis tools
  • Electronic Execution provides an efficient mechanism to broaden your overall Citi Markets and Banking relationship
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